CuddlyNest to Attend Skift India Summit 2024

4 min readJan 24, 2024

Written by Ritesh Raj, Co-Founder and COO

The Skift Summit has always been an eagerly anticipated event in the tourism industry. As we look ahead to this year’s event being held in New Delhi in March, there are several discussions within the tourism sector that my team and I are particularly looking forward to.


One major trend that is likely to be discussed at the summit is the rise of sustainable and responsible tourism. In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental and social impact of tourism, something we are sensitive to at CuddlyNest. Travelers are increasingly seeking out destinations and experiences that are not only enjoyable but also considered sustainable and responsible. Skift India will likely showcase brand new innovative solutions to sustainable tourism, such as eco-friendly hotels, community-based tourism initiatives, and destination management strategies focused on preserving natural and cultural heritage.

Future of Travel Tech

It is my prediction that the future of technology in the tourism industry will be a major portion of this particular summit. With the rapid advancement of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain, the way we travel and experience destinations is bound to change. For example, AI-powered chatbots are already being used by many travel companies to provide personalized recommendations and 24/7 customer support. Virtual reality can give travelers a taste of a destination before they even book their trip, allowing them to explore hotel rooms, tourist attractions, and even sample the local cuisine. I have always been of the firm belief that blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize the way travel bookings and transactions are made, ensuring transparency and security for travelers and service providers alike. Skift India will no doubt showcase how these technologies are being integrated into the tourism industry, enabling enhanced experiences and efficiencies.

Next Level Travel Experience

Another likely focus of this summit will be something we’re seeing more and more of a demand for at CuddlyNest, and that’s the rise of experiential tourism. Today’s travelers are increasingly seeking unique and immersive experiences that go beyond just sightseeing. They want to engage with local culture, learn new skills, and make meaningful connections. More than this, travelers want to stay in close proximity the things they value most; This can be yoga for some, surf for others, even gambling for many. This shift in traveler preferences has given rise to various niche tourism sectors, such as culinary tourism, wellness tourism, and adventure tourism. My team and I are looking forward to going deeper into this movement at Skift India, and exploring the latest trends and innovations in experiential tourism, highlighting how destinations and businesses can cater to the evolving demands of travelers.

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Digital Takeover

I am expecting the India summet to take a close look at the influence of social media and digital marketing in the tourism industry. For this reason, CuddlyNest’s marketing team will be attending the summit in unison with those from tech and product. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, travelers now have more power than ever to shape a destination’s reputation and drive tourism. Travel influencers and content creators play a significant role in promoting destinations and experiences to their audiences. I am looking forward to discussions surrounding strategies for destination marketing in the digital age, exploring how travel brands can leverage social media and collaborate with influencers to attract visitors.


Finally, the summit may touch upon the impact of geopolitical factors on the tourism industry. The pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have highlighted the vulnerability of the tourism sector to global events. Climate change, political conflicts, and economic fluctuations can all significantly affect tourism. Skift India is expected to include discussions on how destinations and businesses can adapt to these challenges and navigate the changing geopolitical landscape.

The CuddlyNest Promise was implemented in 2023, and addresses our responsibility to this issues in relation to the customers we serve.

To conclude, the Skift India Summit 2024 promises to be an exciting and educational event for those in the tourism industry, and I am elated to be attending this one with my team by my side. By attending the summit, industry professionals can gain valuable insights and inspiration to shape the future of tourism in India and beyond, which further fuels our devoted to a future filled with possibilities for every type of traveler.




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