CuddlyNest Co-Founder & COO Reflects on 2023 and What’s Next

5 min readJan 10, 2024

Written by Ritesh Raj, Co-Founder & COO

Last week we bid farewell to a year filled with milestones, and myself & CuddlyNest are proud to share the achievements that shaped our story in 2023. With immense gratitude to our exceptional team & our loyal stakeholders, we stand strong and eagerly embrace the exciting journey ahead in 2024. I share here some of the most memorable highlights from our working year:

Release of the CuddlyNest Mobile App

In 2023, we surpassed our own limits of innovation, propelling ourselves to new heights. It was during this period that we unveiled our mobile app to the world, a creation that granted any user instant access to the best accommodation deals around the planet. With over 4 million stays to choose from, we empowered travelers to effortlessly browse and book accommodations for every type of trip, all readily available at their fingertips.

Our App is available on both App Store and Play Store

Advanced Search Feature

This past year we also unveiled our most advanced and cutting-edge search feature yet. Our goal was to empower users to find accommodations based on their unique preferences, taking into consideration their top interests and activities. No longer confined to merely finding any place to stay so long as it fits budget, our vision allowed a more personalized journey, where one can book stays in proximity to things that bring they convenience and joy. By incorporating this capability, we have firmly solidified our position as frontrunners in the competitive landscape, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends.

Expanding Horizons

Immersed in the atmosphere of growth and development, the year 2023 beckoned us to dig a bit deeper into the needs and desires of travelers of every kind, leading us to unveil a new search feature that would forever redefine the way travelers explore and discover their most ideal accommodations. This innovation presented itself in the form of an expansive search capability, allowing our beloved users to seamlessly navigate and explore accommodations on a country and state-scale. With this game-changing advancement, we welcomed our users into a whole new realm of possibilities, granting them the power to easily pair with their dream stays in any corner of the globe. This kind of cutting-edge technology also worked to streamline our processes, enhancing operational efficiency and empowering our team to deliver exceptional service to travelers worldwide!

There’s More…

In addition to the accomplishments mentioned above, we also unveiled an array of exciting updates that further elevated the CuddlyNest experience to new heights. A fresh, captivating landing page greeted our users, showcasing our reimagined virtual gateway brimming with innovation. But that was just the beginning — our ingenuity extended further when we crafted brand new trip and stay type pages that catered to every discerning traveler’s needs. From opulent luxury stays to family vacations and more! And it didn’t end there — our dynamic geo location pages granted our users localized searches spanning Oceania to Asia, the US to the UAE and worldwide! More importantly, our users now have one centralized platform from which to choose from every type of stay; From hotels & homes, to hostels and B&Bs, to bungalows & villas… and beyond! We then got our foot in the door with new collaborations with other market leaders, including Expedia. We launched our vouchers and discounts strategy, and further upgraded our user dashboard, creating one stop for all actions such as hosting, listing, updating and more.

So, What’s Next for CuddlyNest?

As we set our sights on the possibilities that await us in this promising year of 2024, I reflect upon the remarkable successes and milestones achieved in the previous year, serving as a source of inspiration for this next leg. Fueled by our passion for innovation, we commit ourselves to infusing each day with the spirit of improvement. With this commitment in mind, we eagerly anticipate introducing an even more seamless and enhanced app experience, where navigating the world of accommodations becomes an effortless endeavor. Our map search feature, a gateway to remarkable stays, will now integrate surroundings, allowing our users to explore not only their accommodation choices, but the tapestry of the world that surrounds them. We also anticipate rolling out price-watch and price-drop alerts, ensuring that they never miss out on the top deals and booking opportunities. And that’s not all — brand new community pages are in the works, where the CuddlyNest universe can come together in discussion of all things travel. In addition to this, machine learning & AI models have been the core of tech from day one, and we intend to double on this this year.

I personally believe that digital transformation is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve in 2024, exploring emerging technologies, and embracing digital disruption as a means to drive innovation and growth. Watch this space!




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